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“Hello, this is our organic story”


Founders Leon Hill and Tanya Blair

Our organic wine journey began back in 2015 with the two of us, and a burning passion for making a premium range of Organic & Preservative Free wines, to rival the best of the conventional winemakers.

Grown ‘from the ground up’ we’ve now focused our 30 years of collective wine industry experience on growing and making a premium level of 100% Organic and Preservative Free wines for Australian wine lovers.

Now 3 years on, in what seems like a heartbeat, Organic Hill has grown into one of the country’s finest and fastest growing Organic wine ranges. Oh, and the name? Well, it was a ‘no-brainer’ really – We live on a "Hill", and we both love all things organic.

 Tanya Blair


A little history

The ‘Hill family’ have an affinity with wine in South Australia, dating back over three generations, to the arrival of the first settlers.


Leon is a graduate of the Roseworthy Campus of the University Of Adelaide, the country's leading wine industry education platform. And over the past two decades, before embarking on Organic Hill, had developed a successful wine distribution business - pioneering the organic and preservative free wine category across east and west coast Australia. 

Tanya is a third generation hotelier with broad experience in all things food and wine, including an enduring love of naturally made, organic and preservative free wines. Her family has a four-decade-long successful hotelier history developing, owning and managing a group of hallmark hotels in rural NSW and Sydney.

So, it was only natural Tanya would follow in the family footsteps – and discover a love of wine. Branching out and traveling Tanya has worked in and managed some of South Australia’s leading cellar doors, along the way discovering the joys of organic wines, meeting  Leon and forming a life-partnership that's led to starting a family and the new Organic Hill wine business together.

To quote Leon: “It was only a matter of time before we became both life and business partners – embarking on an organic and preservative free winemaking business of our own, making the premium organic and preservative free wines, we knew our customers would crave. And that’s how Organic Hill was born – a natural birth of course”.




Here, amongst the vines at Organic Hill, we believe wine tastes better and is better for you, made the good old-fashioned way - Organic. Free of the effects of artificial pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. With no synthetic hormones, no growth promotants, no fish and animal products, no GMO and no genetic modification of any kind.

And in the case of our Preservative Free ‘PF’ range, free from added noxious Sulphur Dioxide and related preservatives. In fact, no unnatural anything! 

We’re true believers that the best wines are created naturally organic, from the ground up. Just like ‘paddock to the plate’ is to food, our growing philosophy is ‘soil to the wine' - organically.

So our vineyards are rich in natural nutrients and jam-packed with living organisms that naturally enrich the soil, the vines and the grapes they bear. It’s the natural foundation for all the premium 100% organic wine ranges we make.  

Acclaimed wine writer Max Allen profiles Organic Hill in Gourmet Traveller WINE.


“Organic & Preservative Free Winemaking
Thread Through Our DNA”

All our vineyards and winemaking facilities are formally “Certified Organic” by NASAA, one of Australia's foremost Organic produce certifying bodies.  

NASAA place strict restrictions on artificial vineyard nutrients, chemicals, insecticides and machinery and agricultural practices. In the winery strict controls are specified and policed in terms of the scrupulous cleaning of equipment, storage vessels and winemaking, storage and packaging practices along with the minuscule amount of sulphur dioxide preservative that can be added, along with fining agents (in our case vegan) used in the winemaking and bottling process.

Enjoy our premium organic and preservative free wines and experience the purity of flavour Organic Hill is fast being acclaimed for. If you’ve got a thirst for more information on our growing and winemaking practices simply click the link and go to the:  Viticulture and Wine Making Page

Discover more about the strict NASAA Organic Wine CertificationProcess         Click the link: