Our new Vineyard Purchase

14 May 2018

Over the last two and a half months Leon and I have pursued a lifelong dream. 

After months of searching, one crazy day, we found a vineyard for sale in McLaren Vale on Gumtree. Yes, gumtree. Now I look around online from time to time to source things. At this particular point we were landscaping our Melbourne property little bit by little bit and I was looking for materials. And out of curiosity I typed vineyard into the search and McLaren vale into the region. And there it was 5 acres in the heart of McLaren vale via private sale. I immediately contacted the owner and organised an inspection of the property. Leon called a real estate agent that same week and we put our Melbourne house up for sale before we had even seen the McLaren Vale property. 

On Friday the 10thFebruary (my 30thBirthday) we viewed the property and both agreed this was the beginning of the rest of our lives. It took us sometime to negotiate but we had to have it. And we finally signed the documents on Thursday 10thMay (Leon’s Birthday). It was just meant to be. We are scheduled to move in on Thursday 17thMay. All very close together considering we went to auction on our Melbourne home on April 24thand for a couple of days there we thought we were never going to be able to broker a deal and buy this property and we would end up homeless. 

Tanya Blair