Living the dream

June 7, 2918

Three years ago, when Leon and I were deciding on how best to grow as a business, a couple and a family - owning a vineyard in McLaren Vale (the dream) seemed unachievable. 

We decided to create Organic Hill and take it slow, see how sales go. Basically, we crossed our fingers and dived in head first to the world of organic and preservative free wine making. With a focus on developing premium wines to compete on a level playing field with conventional wines. The kind we wanted to drink and sell. 

Well, now we are here, on our own plot of the “Vale’s” hallowed ground. Surrounded by vineyards owned by the likes of winemaking royalty SC. Pannell, Angove’s and D’Arenberg wines. Pinching ourselves every morning as we wake up to such beauty, on land with 100 year vine growing heritage. 

“Living the dream” we keep hearing from all of our friends. 

And it’s true to many people and once upon a time ourselves too this life we now live was just a dream. We walk the vineyard everyday with our boys, breathing the fresh crisp South Australian air, watching the bunnies and the kangaroos. And we can’t stop the dreaming - Imaging how we can now grow this property into even more. Stay tuned…

Tanya Blair