Being a working mum

As I am sure many of you are aware being a mum is damn challenging and I am pretty sure we have all read every article, blog, Facebook spat, Instagram pic, twitter feed, Pinterest pin and even Dr google for information on how to be perfect, how to get balance, how to get more time with the kids, how to juggle the hubby and even how to get more work done. 


Me I am that person, I google All. The. Time.I feel guilty constantly. I have two boys 18 months and a 3-year-old, a business I run full time, the property maintenance and let’s not forget the Fiancé, he needs his time too. Plus, all the events, dinners, wine tastings, networking, trips to see the family oh and who does the housework? A magic fairy? Nope we do. Us mum’s do it all. It can be quite overwhelming, exhausting, daunting even and I am always faced with one question “how?” how do I have time. 


The answer is I don’t.


No mum does. 


So, I run a tight schedule and I say no. I say no to some family get togethers, I say no to some nights out, some days I even turn my phone off for an hour, I say no to my children and sometimes I say no to my fiancé. Sometimes there is such a thing as too much and running in overdrive helps no one. Everyone needs their time. Sit in the car in silence for two minutes when you get home before walking into chaos. I do. 


I am not the only one. You are not the only one. We are not alone. We are mums. We work. And somehow, we have to juggle it all so remember schedule, say no and take your two minutes. And when it all becomes too much I just remember what my mum says to me  


“you are only human, there is only so much you can achieve at once, you are only human”


So, go you and keep achieving your way!